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Meet Your Child's First Classroom

Study at home, but don't study alone

Just because your child is learning from home, does not mean they should miss out on the chance to interact with other kids their own age. Our interactive classrooms host up to 6 students with a live professional teacher for an emotionally enriching experience for your child

Starting from zero? 

Let us guide your little one into the world of reading through fun and games. 

Not a native English speaker? Don’t worry, our English course will build your young one's reading ability alongside speaking skills. Our teachers are trained to develop  English abilities through carefully structured and research based learning strategies to have your child reading and speaking English in no time.

Benefits of Early English Learning With Qkids

  • Your child will learn by playing, guided on their education journey by our cute mascots
  • Live teachers will provide guidance and provide positive reinforcement all while making learning seem fun and easy
  • Small classes of up to 4 students allow your young learner to gain the benefits of learning with peers
  • Our curriculum is structured to take your young learner from first sounds, to word recognition and reading

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