Koby Koala Diary: Entry 2

Dear Diary,

Today was day two of my phonics lesson.  It was so hard to sit still.  I couldn’t help it. I just had to run across the couch. My teacher called me back.  I needed water.  She called me back again.  Then I started feeling tired while everyone was introducing themselves. So I only remember hearing Colbie again cuz her name is almost like mine, but I don’t remember the other ones. 

I was dreaming about surfing on the wind when everyone started yelling “I’m A! Uppercase A!”  The teacher was showing us how to make a big A in the air with our hands.  What fun!  I woke right up and joined the air chopping fun.  

Top- down- top- down- acroooooss the middle.

Top- down- top- down- acroooooss the middle.

I got so excited, I had to run across the couch doing it again! 

The teacher called me back.

Lowercase A wasn’t as much fun. 

Then we practiced aaa-aaa-aaa.  We said it soooo many times, I don’t think I will ever forget it.

The teacher was really funny today. His name was Jason and if we called raa-aaa-aaabit, his rabbit would come out of hiding and jump on his head! It was so funny! Of course we all kept shouting raaa- aaa- aaabit!

rabbit rabbit rabbit

Oh.  And I am renaming you.  You will be The Magic Book from now on. Just like in my phonics lessons.  

See ya later aaaa-aaa- alligator!