Koby Koala Diary: Entry 1

Dear Diary, 

It was the first day of phonics class today. I was so excited, then Mom said I had to put on a shirt. It’s hot! But noooo, I had to wear a shirt. Mom said no one wanted to see me half naked.

Then my earbuds wouldn’t stay in. Mom kept pushing them back. My ears hurt now. 

I was trying to have a snack, but every time I took a bite, the teacher said, Qkids Phonics North American Live Teaching Koby Koala“Your turn Koby!” And one time, when I opened my mouth to talk, a piece of my apple fell out.  Everyone laughed, but Mom was mad because it fell on the keyboard.  The keyboard was already sticky from the ice cream dripping on it the other day.

I was so tired that I had to put my head down for one second while Mom went to the bathroom. All of a sudden I was woken up by my teacher and all my classmates calling my name.

I was trying to do the “s-s-s” sound so well, but I spit all over the screen a couple cuz I just couldn’t get my tongue to do the right thing. But my teacher was really nice and told me I did a good job. I got lots of diamonds. 

Qkids Phonics North American Live Teaching Program Koby KoalaI got to meet Skyler from Toronto, Canada.  I never met anyone from Canada before, even if it was only online. And there was Colbie from New Jersey. I remember her cuz her name is almost like mine, except different. And she’s a girl. Momo was there too. We do everything together. 


The class went by fast, and mom said I still had time to play with Bill.  So see ya later! We’re gonna play basketball.  



S-s-see.  Hey! See starts with “ssssssss!”