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  • Koby Koala Diary: Entry 2

    Today was day two of my phonics lesson.  It was so hard to sit still.  I couldn’t help it. I just had to run across the couch. My teacher called me back.  I needed water.  She called me back again.  Then I started feeling tired while everyone was introducing themselves.
  • Koby Koala Diary: Entry 1

    Dear Diary, 

    It was the first day of phonics class today. I was so excited, then Mom said I had to put on a shirt. It’s hot! But noooo, I had to wear a shirt. Mom said no one ...

  • Mom Shares Life-Changing Experience with New Phonics Program

    "The Qkids teachers made even deeper connections with him, he started putting together word sounds and blends! He always had trouble with “th”, but after a few weeks, he became aware of the difference between “fr” and “th”! As even more weeks passed, We noticed that he was not only able to sound out words, but he was also recognizing sight words. This all took place in a matter of months."

    –Naomi Eldridge, Mother of Alex who has autism